E&E Capital Management

Transforming Multifamily


E & E is a leading multi-family property management company serving the US Southeast.
We’re on a mission to revolutionize property management.

A Proven Track Record

Collection rate of  95%

Occupancy rate of 96.8%

Lease renewal rate of 83%

1000+ units

Unlock the full potential of your property

Our Values

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As a property owner, you’ll have full visibility into all the platforms, data, and information that our property management company sees. Including a specialized proprietary KPI dashboard. This means you can actively participate in the ongoing management of your property, allowing you to stay informed and involved in the decision-making process at all times.

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Our tenants

Our belief is that tenants deserve a clean, safe place with reliable services. We foster loyalty by creating a comfortable living environment, reducing turnover and property damage, and ensuring timely rent payments. We work hard to build relationships of trust with our tenants. We’re not robotic in our thinking. We aim to find solutions that work for everyone. By doing so, tenants know that we are on their side, creating a positive experience and working through any tough moments in their lives. Ultimately, our goal is to build a better future for all

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Succeed together

Succeed together – After years of experimentation, the unique structure we’ve created harmonizes the interests of all parties for shared success.
The support and feedback from our investors and clients have given us the confidence that our current methods are the most effective way to manage real estate.


What our clients and tenants are saying


The latest news from

E&E Capital Management


We are happy to announce that we are partnered with pinata to reward tenants for on time rent payments and credit reporting.

Exciting news!

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our services to new states in the Eastern Sun Belt region! Our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge…


We are starting to utilize findigs soon to make our application process instantaneous, easy, and safe.


We are now using petscreening.com to reduce risks from renting to tenants with pets.

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