Develop the skills and knowledge to achieve your business and investment goals with our Management Training Program

E & E is excited to announce our 2023 real estate management and investment program! Our program offers you a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts and develop skills that will propel your career forward. As a trainee of E & E, you will be immersed in the day-to-day operations of our real estate and property management business. You will work closely with our team of experienced professionals, assisting with various tasks and projects that will allow you to apply your knowledge and learn new skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. We believe in fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment, where trainees are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas, and contribute to the success of our company. You will be supported by our team of mentors who will provide guidance and feedback to help you grow both professionally and personally.

Management Program Overview

Managerial training for staff and management of asset

  • Understanding how to supervise and reduce asset liabilities 
  • Increasing revenue collection through renewals, rent increases, and ancillary fees
  • Invoice processing and expense mgnmt
  • Financial comprehension, reporting, and budgeting 
  • Owner meetings

Becoming a market expert- 2 weeks

  • Learning the basic
  • Mastering the lead funnel analysis and impact

Physical Operations and Capex- 1 week

  • Understanding the basics and impact of onsite maintenance, prioritization, and expenses 
  • Understanding the investor Capex plan: implementation, tracking, and accounting

Assistant Director of Operations- 1 week

  • Understanding and practicing the position basics, collections and customer success. 

The total program time is 6 weeks. Housing is provided for up to 2 weeks if needed. Full time position offered at the end of the program. Salary ranges will be provided to you directly.

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